As the world grapples with the effects of Climate Change, its impact on women continues to ravage their livelihoods, deny them quality life and reduce progress made by this vulnerable group. Women in pastoral communities for instance, strive to make livelihoods in harsh environment and adverse conditions where ordinary farming is hardly possible. Whereas women acknowledge their vulnerability to climate change and its impact on them, their commendable efforts in embracing sustainable agriculture as the heads of households in most communities deserve acknowledgment, accolades and encouragement. At the same time, they need a platform and space to voice challenges emanating from the effects of Climate Change.

In recognition of these and other reasons, the Woman’s Newsroom Foundation (WON) has prioritised programmes intended to amplify the voices of women in the Climate Change discourse, their immense contribution to alleviating its effects and share their successes and challenges towards this goal. Through our various activities such as training journalists on Climate Change reporting, gender mainstreaming in the media, regional outreach activities – which include working with community, mainstream and vernacular media has intentionally emphasised on the importance of acknowledging and supporting the woman’s voice in the Climate Change debate. We are keen on supporting journalists sharpen their skills and knowledge to priories women’s stories on Climate Change.

We note that it is important for the media, communities and other groups to be included in supporting women to not only highlight challenges they face due to the effects of Climate Change but also use their stories to encourage women at the front responding to Climate Change and inspire others to join. WON, through our excellence in impact-oriented journalism, further seeks to report stories on women and Climate Change through our website and mainstream media.

We are particularly passionate about the role of women in Climate Change because for the society to understand and support their efforts, it is imperative to view a woman not only as a victim, but also as an important force in the fight against Climate Change.

This is why we seek to strengthen the woman’s capacity to establish early warning systems and building longterm plans for recovery and resilience to disasters resulting from Climate Change.