About our Factchecker

About our Factchecker

Jan 25, 2020 COLUMNS by admin

One of the momentous innovations of this millennium is the rise of smartphones and an eruption of social media. With a smartphone, everyone suddenly became a ‘journalist’ arresting events in photos and videos, and posting them in their ‘media house’- social media hence citizen journalism. This snatched mainstream media the monopoly to break news. Others have taken this technological explosion further by being sources of news and outlets of news, which many a time, cannot be verified. This puts news consumers, who rely on it in making critical decisions about their lives, at risk of misinformation.

It is based on the above that we, trained and experienced journalists, established the WON Factchecker to put the record straight.

Please click HERE to read our Factchecker for the truth, and nothing but the truth

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